Five good reasons why you should have a blog

BlogI very often talk to my clients about them blogging. They look at me like if I was crazy and say that they don’t see why they should blog. They generally discard the whole idea as ludicrous. Some say that they don’t have the time. That concern is legit, and I won’t address it here, because it is a whole other story and will probably warrant another blogpost. Some say they don’t have anything interesting to say. Some say they don’t see the point.

Well, the point is:

# Blogging updates your website and brings traffic to it

If you have a small business and care to create a website as your shopwindow, you want to drive traffic to it.

A website that stays stale, is like a window that is never changing, gets dusty, and makes the business look like it is not tended to very well. Who wants to enter and buy stuff in an old grey and dusty place? The part of our brain that is like a squirrel reacts to shiny and bright! When a new message is posted, the website is like bright new and it is good to attract the eyes of the search engines. A regularly updated website ranks better in search results. The higher your page will appear on the search page, the better chances it will be noticeable.

# Blogging brings you inspiration – creativity – new ideas

Because you decided to blog, all of a sudden lots of things around you in your day becomes topic of interest. All of sudden a story springs to mind out of the ordinary. You start noticing little facts that are worth telling about. You suddenly feel inspired to share what you notice around you. You feel inspired and excited. Creativity breeds new ideas. New ideas are always good for your business. It keeps you young at spirit and at intellect!

# Blogging is therapeutic

Once you start sharing your ideas, you realize that people are enticed to give you some feedback. This is a very good feeling, receiving feedback is like meeting someone with a bright smile (well sometimes, you may get grumpy feedbacks, but they can also trigger a healthy reaction in you). Because someone is listening, there are time, you can share what you are feeling, how you feel stuck in a decision-making process.

You may want to let some thoughts out, rather than mull over some disappointment, or some anxiety. You may feel defeated and in need of talking about it in a manner that would not antagonize your close relationships. Writing about those thoughts is letting go of the negative and receiving feedbacks, sometime advices can be a healing process.

# Blogging helps you connect with like-minded bloggers in your field

Because blogging has become so popular, chances are that others are blogging in your field. Especially if you are in a freelance or solopreneur business, blogging increases your chances to meet with non-competitors who can share their tips, tricks, adventures, mistakes with you. It is always a great source of development. It can even lead to long lasting friendships and collaboration. Connecting is the future of our communication. Very soon, we are going to see how the connected world has revolutionized our ways to do business.

# Blogging gives your voice a platform

Everyone is unique. Every message is different, because we speak it from our point of view. We care for our ideas, for our opinions and our beliefs. We certainly enjoy influencing others if we have strong faith in what we are doing, feeling and experiencing. Blogging gives our unique message the platform that it deserve to spread the word. It may take time, but it is always worth doing it. It has to start somewhere. It can start with a blog. There are many platforms that allow blogging for free. Trying it will not break the Internet and it may just open a whole new world to you.

You may even like it very much! Try it!!


  1. Blogging is therapeutic
  2. Blogging brings you inspiration – creativity – new ideas
  3. Blogging updates your website and brings traffic to it
  4. Blogging helps you connect with like-minded bloggers in your field
  5. Blogging is giving your voice a platform

Some free blogging platforms, Blogger, and Tumblr

just to name a few.

Now, did I convince you to give it a try? If so, let me know in the comment where you will be blogging, I’ll be very happy to pay you a little visit!