Take the Sandy Hook Promise

Sandy Hook Elementary School We Will Remember
Take the Sandy Hook Promise – Picture ©https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaLeighSoto26

Live, Laugh and Learn. Live life to the fullest, it comes with no guarantee. Take the Sandy Hook Promise to honor the lives of 26 lost and to do everything to encourage and support common sense solutions that make communities and our country safer

It has been nearly two months since this tragedy hit so close to home, in many more than one ways, actually in more than twenty-six ways.

The Jewish tradition has it that the world stands on three legs: teaching, serving, and performing acts of kindness. One could ask why such a horrific event took the lives of those who were doing just that. I will not even try to go near those kinds of questioning or daring bring my personal thinking on a hint of an attempt to respond. I will not because I leave it to anyone’s belief system. I can just share my own.

I believe that it is our duty to do something in response to our pain and hurt, something that is positive, something that keeps us going and growing. In remembering the lives of those who were taken from this world and finding how they inspire us, because this is how they keep living within us, through the blessings of their memories.

I strongly encourage you to take the Sandy Hook Promise. I have done it a long time ago, even before Sandy Hook happened and I will continue to believe that I can change the world one person at a time, one day at a time.

Take the Sandy Hook Promise
The Sandy Hook Promise

How to create fabulous content

How do you create fabulous content?  Lots of my clients ask me how can they find content for a blog.

Here are some of the hints I would give them :

  • think about what people want?
  • think about what people need?


  • think about what is causing them pain (or problems, if you don’t like dealing with emotions).

Then think about how you offer to solve their problem.

Most of my customers don’t know how they will create content because they don’t see the value in what they offer their clients. They think (erroneously) that they will “bore” their clients if they offer them solutions. Not everything has to be bought: giving first is a great way to earn trust and authority!

What I love most in my business is that it allows me to connect, to give or serve, and to challenge myself beyond what I thought I could achieve!

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