Embrace who you are

Embracing who we are

I love my gym club. For many reasons. But today one of the reasons is that there is not a single day without a good story coming from attending my daily workout. Not only do I get healthy exercise, but I also get loads of inspiring stories to bring home. If only I had more time to sit and create them, you would enjoy them daily, I promise!


Today, my story has a lot to do with what I teach in my small business: embracing who you are.

This lady was standing as we were getting dressed back to leave after exercizing and she was staring with a look of envy at two young women discussing their workout result next to the computer, out of ear reach:

Oh I wish I was like them” whispered the lady as I was passing by, getting my shoe bag. I looked at her. She looked really sad not to be “like them“, and I wondered what she meant, she had a very good looking figure, was pretty and well kept, with a very nice outfit, she seemed healthy. I understood she wanted to have those young ladies’ firm and trim figure, the problem was that there was, maybe, thirty, oh yes, maybe thirty five years of age difference between them! Sure enough, your body shape changes, your tone and look, your general appearance, otherwise you would not be able to tell a generation from another, and definitely this lady could be the mother of the two she was so envious of!

I wanted to tell her to embrace who she was, because there was no realistic way she would ever be like them, anymore: we don’t go back in time, yet, we can keep up with looking great for our age, and probably get admiration when people mistake us for younger than our birth certificate’s official age, but I don’t believe it necessary to look like we are not really our generation, because that might bring other expectation onto our shoulders, that we would not want to go back to!

I could certainly hear her regretful sigh that time had gone, and that she was older now, but I am sure that some of the worries she had at the time she was younger had also vanished and gone by. She was simply looking at the figure, and not the whole picture. These two young ladies were certainly struggling too with some issues they were sharing with their coach, and who knows, maybe they would have been envious of the older lady who had the leisure to go back to her peaceful life at that moment when they had to run into the next stressful part of theirs. Or maybe not. Maybe the older lady’s life is not that peaceful at all and this is why she needed to unfocus and be distracted from who she really is and dream she was thirty years younger again…

Truth to the matter, I would hate being thirty years younger, especially knowing now what I have gone through those thirty years, and having to go over all these painstaking lessons again does not appeal to me at all! I like repetitions when I sense progressing, and when I sense it becomes easier, not again painful.

My Top Resolutions for 2012

My New Year Resolution... Stick to Resolutions!

Five – or seven – or ten – or twelve
resolutions for 2012

What will you do differently in 2012? have you set up your goals prior to the change of the year or are you jumping in the wagon and vowing now to committ to losing weight, reading more, exercising regularly and talking to your kids at least once a week (if not a day)?

The tradition of starting anew with promises made to oneself can yield result if you want to, that is if you re-examine your goals regularly.

Last year, I don’t remember posting any resolutions publicly, but I certainly was committed and was pleased to share my accomplishments. I do have a cluttered cork board above my work area, that I clear sometimes, so that I can discover the good intentions I have been stacking there.

Here are my (four³) good resolutions for 2012

  • Getting Focused

less distraction, means scheduling, shedding, evaluating, concentrating, asserting

  • Read More to Write More

good reads, to learn creative writing in English, and improve my writing skills in a foreign language, but also continue the practice of writing in my native language, and therefore read more in French so that I do not lose my beautiful language and what is happening in the culture that I left behind shamelessly more than a decade ago.

  • Forgive Myself

to make peace with the person I have been so that I can become the person I always loved and dreamt of being.
I need to let go of a lot of anger, fear, emotions of sadness and doom, so that I can overcome the cards I was dealt, and actually prove that what I believe in can be acted upon: one can change, and there is not a single road leading to any destination and the world can be repaired one action at a time.

  • Listen Better

to hear the murmure of those who are around is not an easy task in the constant noise that we are all producing all day long.

If I choose to let go of the baggage that clutter my mind, I can hear and see better, what my growing children are experiencing in a world that I didn’t grow with, the world that they are building with enthusiasm and hope, even if I can’t understand it at first sight.

I can encourage the promise of a better future if I let them decide for themselves with a knowledge that they have built with the tools they were gifted with, and which I am proud to recognize for them. If my duty is to protect and love them, I should not chatter that much in their path, that I block it with a supposed wisdom that I don’t have. Be present is one good goal, and listening is how I can tell if I did what I was supposed to.

Each of these goals can be declined in a multitude of micro-goals and actions that will do enough resolutions for the year.

What are yours? Please let me know and comment below!