What is curation?

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Curation allows to find gems or otherwise interesting articles in a field I am always keen to find ideas or opinions about.

In these days and age when we tend to live in the immediacy of the newsfeed, this is extremely valuable in my eyes.

I remember when I started to be an internet active user, back in those times when we were not even speaking of web.01, let alone interactivy: that was when I became an editor for the dmoz on a topic I knew all too well: autism. I chose to bring the French page to an acceptable level, and managed to painstakly increase the number of relevant links from 4 to nearly 100.

The updating process on the interface was so time consuming, I let others finally do the work (which I suspect didn’t take off, as still my “old” links are there, and not so updated after more than seven years!).

Today, we are not looking at the web in the same way. Looking for good resources is so immediately satisfied by search engines. But in the same token, our thirst for particular topics has also increased tremendously, and it is difficult to find the time to constantly keep on top of what is published.

Thanks to curation, it has become possible to find those who are passionate about a topic, and trust them to bring us very interesting finds, because their watch is accurate and it has become less time consuming to publish and share the results of what we see and appreciate.

I am exploring those tools and enjoying them:

What tools are you using?