A rule of thumb

I keep my numbers down. It means that I don’t like getting overwhelmed with big numbers. I don’t care if big is beautiful, it’s not my type of beauty, that’s it. I like what I can manage. So if I can’t take it because it’s a big number, I don’t go there.

My rabbi told me once if you can’t pronounce it don’t use it. I’d apply this to numbers rather than language, because I never shy off complicate words to pronounce if it’s the right word that will express what I wanted to say. But I’d definitely apply it to numbers: I am so bad at maths, that if I can’t count until that number, I won’t go there.

What it means, in terms of social media, is that I like keeping my numbers in a range I can manage. That number is generally one-hundred-fifty. It’s called the Dunbar’s number.

What’s your limit?