With Dropbox your files are always in sync

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With Dropbox your files are always in sync

A friend of mine was recently in a jam with her computer at work. It was giving all signs of imminent death (peace be upon it!) and I was asking her whether she had properly backed it up before losing access to her precious work files.

It was fortunate that her son who is in college had just introduced her to Dropbox. Most of her important files were accessible from her laptop, because what she needed to salvage them was simply to pick them up from her Dropbox folder.

Let’s say you’re editing a document in your Dropbox folder. As soon as you press Save, Dropbox will sync this file to all your other computers and mobile devices instantly and automatically. It’s as if you saved the document to all of your computers at the same time. This gives you the freedom to work anywhere and always have the files you need.

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