#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 28: Give


I am writing this penultimate post of the series of #BlogElul after a very uplifting Shabbat I spent with loved ones and with the community of my small town that had gathered for a musical concert to promote peace and reconciliation.

Several Gospel choirs, musicians, and clergy from the area were invited to present their message of peace through stirring music. Our Jewish Choir had chosen to open our numbers with the shared Psalm 133 that reminds how good and pleasant it is to dwell together, brothers and sisters of the human kind; we sing it in Hebrew, and there is no need to know a foreign language when you are singing to understand the words of love and the message of peace.

As we sang it in the next piece “music speaks louder than words” and it may be true that it is the only thing that the whole world listens to. It certainly brought the feeling they belonged to all attending that event and while we were all brought together for that uplifting afternoon through singing, clapping, moving, the hope that our voices were able to march together towards peace was real.

For more than three hours, musicians of all colors, voices, ages, shapes, cultures, languages, traditions, lifestyle, faiths, backgrounds, personal stories gave their energy in love, not in fear, and made a powerful statement.

It was an honor and a joy to participate in the event and to feel that for some it may have been the first time they saw the similarities and the commonalities we all share by being so unique and so different.

Our emotions were high when we left the church and for many, it was a physical drain, I am sure because giving so much takes a toll on the body for singers and musicians, and also for all who organized and made this beautiful event possible and so warm and welcoming. My hope is that this act of extreme good will towards understanding goes further always.

As we prepare for a renewal of proclaiming the Creator of the Universe our everlasting and loving King, source of peace, Shalom, I hope that the message that was delivered today has touched and will grow and reach high.

Great is peace,

for all blessings flow from peace.

Great is peace,

for without peace, no blessing is complete

Great is peace,

for even in times of war, the hope for peace is undiminished.

Great is peace,

for peace is granted to the humble.

Great is peace,

for peace is granted to those who do justice.

Great is peace,

for God’s name is peace.*

*from the Midrash Sifrei B’midbar 42, excerpts


ברוך אתה יי עושה השלומ

Blessed is the Source of shalom, salaam, peace.


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