Why should you have a blog for your business

1. Search engine benefits
2. Marketing differentiation
3. Infinite search life
4. A cost-effective sales call
5. Your content engine
6. Direct sales
7. Indirect sales
8. PR
9. New product development
10. Crisis management


With Dropbox your files are always in sync

Tour of Dropbox
With Dropbox your files are always in sync

A friend of mine was recently in a jam with her computer at work. It was giving all signs of imminent death (peace be upon it!) and I was asking her whether she had properly backed it up before losing access to her precious work files.

It was fortunate that her son who is in college had just introduced her to Dropbox. Most of her important files were accessible from her laptop, because what she needed to salvage them was simply to pick them up from her Dropbox folder.

Let’s say you’re editing a document in your Dropbox folder. As soon as you press Save, Dropbox will sync this file to all your other computers and mobile devices instantly and automatically. It’s as if you saved the document to all of your computers at the same time. This gives you the freedom to work anywhere and always have the files you need.

Get invited to your own Dropbox!

A rule of thumb

I keep my numbers down. It means that I don’t like getting overwhelmed with big numbers. I don’t care if big is beautiful, it’s not my type of beauty, that’s it. I like what I can manage. So if I can’t take it because it’s a big number, I don’t go there.

My rabbi told me once if you can’t pronounce it don’t use it. I’d apply this to numbers rather than language, because I never shy off complicate words to pronounce if it’s the right word that will express what I wanted to say. But I’d definitely apply it to numbers: I am so bad at maths, that if I can’t count until that number, I won’t go there.

What it means, in terms of social media, is that I like keeping my numbers in a range I can manage. That number is generally one-hundred-fifty. It’s called the Dunbar’s number.

What’s your limit?

Carve out your own little corner of the web

It’s called a splash page, I called it a “hub” because I think this is more what it is.

hub |həb|
the central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, and from which the spokes radiate.
• a place or thing that forms the effective center of an activity, region, or network : the kitchen was the hub of family life.

It’s been developed by aboutdotme to allow us to build online a simple identity, and I have to say I really like it. So many scattered contributions in the big ocean of the world wide web can be accessed from that page: check mine out!

What’s for dinner?

Once you’ve decided to start a home based business, you have to remember that you also have a home based family, that will eventually let you know that you forgot to prepare dinner.

what s for dinner? tweet
tweet by @Otir

Thanks to Twitter, I often get quick ideas to cover up for my lack of skills in the housekeeping department. Yesterday, my friend from Le Hamburger et le Croissant suggested a delicious receipe for a soup with lens. I ended up preparing an omelette with cheese…

I am not the best at following advices. But I am good at giving them!

It’s in the title

So my son asked me why I had called this new business Angel Wings Web and not something better. I told him that people liked the name, first, and that I was waiting for his better suggestion, which never came.

Of course, to him, this sounds  a little lame, especially that my first business is called Angel Wings Snacks!

But, I am not trying to be original! I am trying to be true to myself: I like the name, I like that it starts with the word angel, and I like to think of it as being my umbrella, at the same time as it bears some good vibe.

So yes, I am not original. But what do you think? do you like the name? would have you called it something different?

A new business is born today

I created Angel Wings Web today. Tomorrow I will certainly work from home because we are going to be snowed in. Oh wait, that’s not an issue, my office is at home, and unless I lose power, I can work online! That’s the beauty of it.

My other business, Angel Wings Snacks, will have to wait until I am dug out…

Wish me luck!