#BlogElul 5776 #ElulGram – Elul 13: Remember

Photo by Condesign - Pixabay
Photo by Condesign – Pixabay

Remember to breathe.

When things seem to speed up at an ever faster pace and the rush of thoughts seem to never cease, there is no way any of them can be caught. We are so little, so minuscule, a simple speck of dust in the universe, ruled beyond comprehension most of the time, and nevertheless, we need to make sense of the world that twirls and spins.

Trying to remember what I have done to honor the beauty, I think of the small actions that each and every day can count towards caring and doing normal acts of kindness.

Tonight will be Shabbat. This blog post will go automatically while I am already in this time of breathing, of letting things be. It is so important to remember that, that we are not absolutely needed for Creation to go on, to continue on its own and that it does not belong to us to decide and control the universe.



This year, I have committed to a daily blog in English to participate in @imabima’s project of Elul. I will dedicate my endeavor for the רפואה שלמה complete healing of   מרדכי אלעזר בן חנה מרים (Mordechai ben Chanah).

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