Sad Update

Colette Horvilleur née Ziza – May 9, 1927 – August 21, 2015

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing this update that my mother died this morning in Paris at home.

She will be remembered by all who have known her as a bubbly, always happy, easy going, caring and extremely busy person. She took joy in everything she was doing: cooking, catering to others, feeding everyone in the family, experimenting with recipes, tending to her garden, moving trees and plants to make them happier, reading, writing and teaching.

She had the most loving personality and was faithful to the love of her life, whose death marked the beginning of a struggle with loneliness and search for a purpose in her daily activities. She kept her wonderful sense of humor until the end and never wanted to bother anybody.

She will be sorely missed by all generations.

The funeral will be on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 11:00 am Cimetière du Montparnasse in Paris.

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4 thoughts on “Sad Update”

  1. An extraordinary and sad co-incidence. I was checking up on addresses of family and friends of my critically ill father, only to discover this sad and very recent news about Colette. She was always jolly, friendly and had many, many happy times with my parents, Gerald and Ghislaine Infield – and I think also my Uncle + Aunt; Brian + Denise Infield in their youth especially.
    I stayed with Colette and Francis in their Paris flat when I was a late teenager. Considering that she had had a long day at work, I offered to speak French. To my mother’s great amusement, my mother still tells the story that my French was so bad, that it was far easier for Colette to speak English!
    I only remember Colette as a person who put out ‘Good Karma’.
    Meanwhile, the news of my father: He is critically ill in hospital; he broke his leg in January, and has struggled to walk even with a Zimmer frame. He has prostate cancer and spreading 2ndaries. He has lost a lot of core strength. But he may recover enough to come home with live-in care.
    My mother will be very sad to hear the news. All our family send our condolences.
    Best wishes in this sad time,
    Stephen Infield

  2. So sad to hear of Gerald’s illness and subsequent death. He was a 1st cousin of my father – Freddie Abbot. I remember meeting him and Ghislaine a couple of times at Thames Ditton where my parents lived. Please accept my sincere condolences.

    Val Collinson (nee Baba Abbot)

    1. Hello Val,
      I got notification of your posting from Laurence.
      If your Dad and mine were 2nd cousins, goodness knows what that makes us!
      Where do you live?
      I live in Claygate, between Thames Ditton and Hersham (where my mother lives); all nearby.
      I seem to remember Dad and Mum mentioning that they knew some people in Thames Ditton. Was it Kings Drive by any chance? In the dimmest recesses of my memory that address seems to pop up, but maybe it was something completely different. Also, the name Abbott slightly rings a bell.
      It is sad Dad passed away last Sept. I still miss him, and so does Mum…She is quite frail now, approaching her 90th birthday, but doing well, all things considered. There is a very good atmosheree in the block of flats where she lives in Hersham by the River Mole (Mole House, Kingfisher Close).
      My Uncle, Brian, will probably know a lot more about the Abbotts. He sadly had a broken hip; not fun at the age of 90, but he is determined to get cycling again! Aunt Denise has Alzheimers, which is a cruel disease, from which there are no positives as far as I can see. But Brian, as ever copes stoically. Sad to see Denise so lost. But at least Brian is getting good support from son, Neil, and Claire and Mark on their visitis from Uganda.
      All the best,
      Steve Infield

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