Update 1 from Paris

Under the towerDear Friends,

I made it very safe to Paris during Saturday/Sunday night. I had the pleasure of being upgraded to Business Class by AirFrance and was looking forward to a good albeit shortened night sleep during the flight, when unfortunately the next aisle passenger happened to have been a true obnoxious French lady who managed to create a near riot in the entire business class lounge by mishandling her poor 4 year-old grandson who happened to be autistic: little did she know she was sitting so near to a real expert who could assess the situation in a wink and know exactly how badly she was handling the situation.

I could have killed her if my judgmental thoughts had been a deadly weapon. Especially when she proceeded to spank the mischievous child who was desperately trying to get her attention to his needs, and justified that he “needed limits” ~ which prompted me to finally tell her that she was the one who had overpassed hers.

I found my mom much better than I had feared it, and very able still although physically very affected by the cancer. I spent most of the Sunday with her and we shared lunch when she had good appetite. The aid at home is wonderfully professional and caring at the same time. My brothers are tense but efficient too. She has a good amount of visitors at home and phone and enjoys a little time interacting with everyone. And is still sharp and plenty of good laughs and sense of humor. She complains a bit about pain and discomfort at short periods of time and I still have to see what the nurses medical assessment is and she is relieved by few drops of morphine. She is delighted I came and wants us to make plans for the HHD as she still believes she will get past her weakness. She has some expected short term memory lapses.

I will keep u posted.

Hope this update finds you well and with only good news.
With love always

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French blogger in the US writes on cultural differences, disabilities, religion, social media and politics.

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