On Mother’s Day

There is so much to say on the Hallmark holidays! I am fortunate enough to be able to pass on Mother’s day celebration with a quip saying that we French Jews don’t celebrate because of the reminiscence of Vichy government who installed it (true fact but long forgotten in France too) and that it coincides with my mother’s and my own birthdays very often.

Holidays (the real ones) can already be difficult for many but they still have a meaning and can be sensitive to everyone’s circumstances. Hallmark holidays are not. Thank you for Rabbi Ruth Adar’s marvelous sensitivity and the way she expresses it, making it possible to redeem the hurt and bring a spiritual dimension to the calendar.

Coffee Shop Rabbi

Mother’s Day

Have mercy on Mother’s Day
for not everyone has a Hallmark life:

Some want with all their hearts to have a child to hold
and they can’t, just can’t.

Some yearn for the child who is gone
and their heart breaks over and over like clockwork every day.

Some ache for the children taken from them by politics
or murder, or a drunk driver, or bad luck.

Some gave a child up – it was “for the best” –
and now they wonder every day: where is she? What’s she doing?

Have mercy on Mother’s Day
because not everyone had a Hallmark life:

Their mom was sick or selfish
or she went missing one dark night and never came back
or she lived on her own private planet
perhaps some kind of hell.
Or it hurts even to be in the room with her
because she bites, like an…

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