The Original 1982: a book review and some personal musings

The Original 1982The Original 1982 by Lori Carson

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I wrote a short book review to jot down my first reaction after I just finished reading this book. It was a very pleasant read. I have not been reading a lot recently, because I keep falling asleep every time I am reading a book I hold in my hands. That is a sad state of affair, but it is true. I love books, but I have not been able to manage time to keep them in my life. I certainly feel bad about that. I regularly promise myself that I will read more, I sign up for book club’s meeting and attend some of them even, but nevertheless, I have not yet caught up with the Everest-like pile of “to read” books that I am building up.

So this one felt really good, because of my personal challenges.

I could certainly relate easily with Lisa Nelson, the narrator in the novel, because we are the same generation. What happened to her did not happen to me, so I was very interested in feeling what she was going through, so that I could understand her pain and sadness. She made it possible to like her despite how foreign her life could have been to me. It turns out that it was not that foreign at all: she fell in love with a musician, like I did at the same age she did.

Like she did in the original 1982 (in my case I would date it back to the original 1984, if I was writing a book about it, which I am not, obviously), I had made some choices that at the time did not appear like choices. It rather felt like I was forced by the others to do what I ended up doing.

Lori Carson’s story reminds me that this is not the case: we are never forced by anyone, their will can be strong and our fears can be leading us onto the wrong path, the one that we will end up regretting bitterly when we are middle aged woman left with sorrow and endless wonderings about the what-ifs.

And then, all of a sudden, we can choose again to make it happen, we can write a different story and make the storyline take a different course, giving birth to a soul that was there all the way with us, but that we did not take the time and effort to acknowledge or feel or get to know better.

I am looking forward to meeting the author very soon. I hope I can share about her book and what it allowed me to realize, even if I probably knew it all the way before. The power of writing lays there, and I am pretty thankful for this first novel to have spelled it out so well.


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