Storms make trees take deeper roots

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Roots: they are the stories that ground you, the food that returns you, the music that comforts you, and the people who know you. Everyone has roots that influence them, even if they don’t consciously know them or can’t access them.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013:

Dolly Parton said: “Storms make trees take deeper roots.” Agree or disagree?

It may be true for the trees that are still standing after a storm. I do not know. I do understand this is meant to be figurative, not literal. I suppose that to go deeper, it takes some care of the ground, and nature should certainly be able to know better.

After Hurricane Sandy rainbow
Rainbow captured after Hurricane Sandy in Westchester – ©The Julliard Journal – Nancy Allen

Unfortunately, man has a terrible habit of going against nature, building where it is not supposed to be built, and destroy some natural elements that would contribute to let nature follow this rule of growth and lesson for the better.

I am witnessing storms in and storms out, and I am not entirely optimistic that it is teaching the proper way always. I see the majority go to hasty conclusions too often, rather than working on consolidating the roots, by going back to them and making sure they are grounded and nourished the proper way.

It takes time to prepare for a storm, and that is what makes a deeper grounding of the roots. But the rat race is still on for many of us, and the time to be prepared is not taken. Dealing with crisis all the time is not the proper way to acknowledge that storms happen: they seem to hit where the trees have not grown yet, and where the volatile is the rule of the land.  I would like to be wrong and less cynical. I would like to believe that Dolly Parton is right, and I would love to agree with her. It is a very soothing and inspiring thought. Because it is beautiful, it does not really need to be true. It matters that it brings a good feel to the story.

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One thought on “Storms make trees take deeper roots”

  1. Definitely! The more you’re shaken the stronger you become. Unless of course you topple over. But then, that’s not an option is it?

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