What You Eat in Private You Will Wear in Public

If you must binge, binge on vegetables

I have been struggling with binges as far as I can remember in my life. Well, at least, as far as my teenage years, after I had experienced my first issues with Eating Disorders.

Binges can overwhelm the rest of an entire day, even weeks if not dealt with head on.

There is obviously no easy fix to them, otherwise it would be known. One of the major difficulty about binges is that they are part of the general process of utter denial in one’s life. Keeping tracks is a key to successful behavior modification, but the nature of a binge itself makes it very hard to actually keep track of what is happening. What would be so useful, as to understand what precipitated a binge, or how damaging the binge is in reality, go in a blur because of the very high level of anxiety that is attached to the act of binging. Anxiety tends to overshadow any other kind of thinking surrounding a binge and it becomes an uncontrollable escalade.

So yes, I like it very much to think of choosing to binge on vegetables when the spell falls all of sudden. It is highly unlikely that it is happening, unless the carrots, celery sticks, brocoli florets or other convenient vegetables are available – and appealing without any dip to make them more tasteful!

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3 thoughts on “What You Eat in Private You Will Wear in Public”

  1. can you make some peanut sauce? Do you like peanut sauce? we love that with veggies. and quinoa! it’s an ancient grain, looks like couscous grains…kinda overloaded now but ill explain more later if you want.
    yes anxiety overwhelms logic pretty quickly, so even if your brain says binging is not a good idea, and you’re anxious, well you know what the result is gonna be. we don’t happen to have an issue with binging but we most certainly have issues with anxiety. Plug in any other problem in place of binging and add anxiety and logic goes out the window in a very similar fashion. The best thing you can do for yourself is to turn off your inner critic if at all possible. don’t judge what is going on or what you are doing because from what i gather from your post, you can’t really change the fact that you binge when anxious enough, right? Therefore what is the use in judging yourself?
    Perhaps you can’t always keep track of the binging itself, but could you try and track the CIRCUMSTANCES in which the binge happens? Events immediately preceding the binge, during the binge, and after the binge. Try to find any possible triggers. With that information when your anxiety is less and your logical ability is better maybe you can make sense of what is happening, in a way that allows you to take some action of your choosing.


    1. I like your tips, Ivan, thanks for sharing! And yes, I am trying now to figure out the immediate triggers (beyond identifying when anxiety is kicking, which sometimes becomes clear to me only because I feel like binging!).

      I believe that in my circumstances, I should prepare better so that I have healthy choices (like the quinoa) available.

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