Challenging behaviors

As the parent of a teenager with autism, I have been dealing with challenging behaviors for more than seventeen years straight now. It is difficult for me to realize how much time of my life those have actually taken, because they mingle with my own challenges and my own problematic behaviors too.

Here below are those that are specifically related to my son’s autism

* Social Issues

* Communication and Language Issues

* Stimming: Repetitive, Stereotyped, and Sometimes Self-Injurious Behaviors

* Restricted Interests: Obsessions, “Special Topics”, and Attention Deficits

* Insistence on Sameness

* Sensory Issues: Seeking and Avoiding

* Mood Instability and Meltdowns

* Sleep Issues

* Motor Skills Issues

* Executive Function Issues

* Activities of Daily Living


Each of these issues would typically request one on one attention, hours of preparations for coping strategies, instructions, evaluation, implementation, modification, debriefing. Everyone involved in my son’s life should ideally be aware and know how to interact to minimize the impacts of those challenging behaviors. And of course, there are all the elements that no one can have control over, like the atmospheric pressure, the changing weather, the incidents of broken technology or other aging objects.



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