Are you a procrastinator? Three proven strategies to overcome procrastination

Things to put off until next week If you, like me, dread something for different reasons, and put off a task until adrenaline kicks and stresses you so much that you rush finishing – to the point of sabotaging yourself, try these strategies, in order to overcome procrastination:

Block the task on your calendar

Write it down. Give it a time slot, and schedule reminders to alert you if you get distracted.

Do not restrain yourself: if the task requires fifteen minutes, give your time slot some slack, you will be slow to put yourself to the task anyway, so include this reluctance in your schedule.

Breakdown the task into baby-steps

Don’t be afraid to make it as detailed as possible: this will give you the perspective you need: each step is doable when it is small enough and looks easy enough. Then, the big picture is less daunting, and it becomes more difficult to “make excuses” for not doing the baby-step at least.

Reward yourself for each accomplishment towards achieving the work

It does not need to be a huge reward, just something that you would be happy to receive like you were happy to receive a good grade in school for your hard work. You deserve it!


And remember, you may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don’t try! (Beverly Sills).


So what are your strategies when you stall on something? Share them here so that we can all try new ways to get our stuff finally done!

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