determination: a tiny fern making its way out of a block of crystal rocks
Credit Photo: ©Jen R on Flickr

I read an awful lot of things online everyday. I enjoy it very much. It stimulates me, it informs me, it distracts me too. It often gets me going. Most of the time, it teaches me new things, and other times it just reinforces things I very well know, but it makes me feel validated, or understood to see it written in a different way, or just plain published somewhere for everyone to read. As if my thoughts were broadly displayed, and therefore I feel connected.

I always want to be emulated by what I read. Because I like it, it motivates me to do the same. For instance, if I read a daily blog, I want to blog daily; if I read a very inspiring post, I want to inspire others; if I read an informative piece on a topic I feel I am an expert in too, I wish I had written it and want to do the same; if I learn a very importannt news, I want to break it to my tribe as well; if I notice a style that is effective, I wish I could master it as well, and so on.

Inspiration is a good thing. But then there come the times when you need to spring into action. It won’t be perfect, it won’t be the same as you envisioned it when you got the motivation at first, because it will involve efforts, painful mistakes, and time, all dimensions that were not in the initial feeling, because they belong to a different realm.

Let not this become an excuse for being inactive, for despairing or being discouraged about results. Art is an exercise, a practice of love and discipline, all elements are necessary. And never mind if what you obtain during practice is not effective: it does not feel right, but it has added one step more, one drop more, one move towards a greater goal. Don’t dismiss that.

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French blogger in the US writes on cultural differences, disabilities, religion, social media and politics.

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