Ten April’s Fool Day Online Pranks

April Fools Day
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On April 1st, it is a joy to lose oneself in online jokes and try and rate the best. I like the flickr one a lot, especially in the light of being often pet-peeved by the Instagram filtering mania!

In the same spirit as going back in time (that will be the day’s trend obviously), Youtube brings the Collection directly to your home, and at the same time gives you the perspective on how digitally cluttered we have become!

This one is obviously a big hit! AdBlock replaces ads with cats all over the place (and it shows how a good prank can also be such good PR, because now you’ll vision how AdBlock really saves your eye sore from so much ads!)

I never got in the catlol stuff (too geeky for me), but I am ready to bet on this is going to grade high on the “best April Fool’s Day” stories of 2012.

Keeping on with my stroll on the interwebs, I can sense the vibe about these eighties coming back full force, and the Hungry Hippos for the iPad app from ThinkGeek (selling for a very old school price too). You can tell easily when everybody was born, and what they remember of their youth. I don’t see lots of jokes from the sixties so far!

Now, more in tune with how some will obviously believe they need this to be more productive, Google Chrome offers to work with two mice at a time. I am sooo not going to this (especially with my non-upgraded computer that still can’t run Chrome!)

Reddit tries it with a little science-fiction and a timeline that allows to go back in the past (the eighties trend, and the eyesore of how the internet looked back when we started it!) and delves a little bit in the future (but not so futuristic that you can’t regret how science-fiction used to be much better with Orwell, Bradbury or Philip K. Dick, just to hammer what generation I belong to!).

Yeah let’s welcome the 1980s back in our lives! What would you do if it was that time again? (well, given, of course, that, like I, you were already born and screaming!)


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