Why you need to upgrade your computer’s system

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Why do you need to upgrade constantly? At first, you would think that since you have just purchased the perfectly new computer, that came with so many features that you don’t even know what they are, and when you will ever use them, this is going to be a useless hassle, and you forget about it.

Then, a couple of months/years/decades (depending on your level of geekyness) have gone by, and you are becoming more familiar with surfing and browsing and the new things that are advertized are finally reaching your conscience: there is a new browser, there is a new application, there is a new machine… soon overwhelmed, you give up keeping up with this mushrooming evolution of technology.

And then, one day, you find out that your browser is too old to support the application you desperately needed. Or that you can’t read a page (that is if you are still using Internet Explorer 6.0 for instance, but you are probably not reading this blog if you do). Or that you can’t have the cool extension that would make the number of keystrokes dramatically drop, and save you a lot of time.

Not talking about security issues. But that’s a completely serious question, that would deserve an another blogpost, of course.

That’s what I keep telling myself – especially when I find that I have fallen off the wagon once more. When I am very rich, I promise that I’ll have a set budget to feed my techneeds in the same fashion as I have a grocery budget to feed my family!!

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