Are you vlogging?

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I used to vlog and when 12seconds! shut down their service on October 22, I was left alone with regrets that I hadn’t done it more and my readers and followers regretted my short vignettes even more.

I was using those, often unedited, snippets to give my friends and family a glimpse of my life far away from them, and I am sure they were enjoying those regular updates tremendously.

For me it had another great advantage. I love when I commit myself to some kind of discipline, and this one was perfect: I was posting regularly, and I didn’t really have to spend too much time doing it, because 12seconds! was formatting for me, and I was simply using a flip video camcorder that needs not technical skills to operate, edit movies and post to the web.

It was also a way to explore new media for storytelling, and I really enjoyed the challenge.

Since I am launching a new business, I am not really up to adding an extra challenge to my already packed schedule, but I am thinking of going back to this daily vlogging. I have been looking on a quick and easy way to post videos without having to spend frustrating minutes to check that everything uploads properly, and I am trying to use my and YouTube. I can always post new videos directly from my Flipshare into my Facebook account too.

So what do you think of this idea? Do you like vlogs? Or would you rather never see those crappy videos again?



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2 thoughts on “Are you vlogging?”

  1. I’m one of these terrible people who seldom watch videos on the Web.

    The 12 seconds format has the advantage that my biggest complaint, namely not being able to quickly skim through the contents, doesn’t really apply. This, by the way, is the reason why I don’t watch TV (more, I think, than my lack of interest for the content of the programs themselves). The radio is OK because I can do something else while I listen.

    After 6 months using relatively unreliable Internet access (well, pretty reliable in that you can be certain things are going to be somewhere between unbearably slow and non-existent as soon as people come home from work) I’d also add that videos are still not nearly as accessible as text or even images.

    Of course, it all boils down to me being way too fidgety to have the patience to wait for a video to buffer and then sit through it. How come that the Internet, which is supposed to make us all attention deficient, is so full of videos one should patiently watch from beginning to end?

    1. I guess that we all process information in such a different way! I like listening to the radio too, but I am not sure I can concentrate on doing something else even with the radio, and that’s why I like video, because while I am listening, what I am watching is bringing me all sorts of emotions and thought processes that I don’t get otherwise – neither with plain text, nor with sound only.

      I am working on developing learning tools, and I know that it will be necessary to address all those different styles – text only, visuals, text and sound, text and image – until we can have complete hands-on available to teach skills and knowledge!

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