I don’t have the time

Isn’t it one of the most common occurence we can hear when we evangelize about social media?

It’s true that it is also one of the most common complaint we all have once in a while: I don’t have the time. Or, it could be, I wish days were not limited to 24 hours.

I doubt it’s true that we don’t have the time. I certainly don’t want days to be longer either: I know for a fact that if they were, we would find the way to fill them up to the brim even more. And I am tired enough with twenty-four hours filled or not to the brim! Enough already!

I truly believe that we do have the time: just take it! If you really want to do something, make it a priority, not an excuse not to do it and hurt your inner inclination.

Maybe if we don’t find the time to do something, it is because we don’t really want to.

What are the things you make excuse of the lack of time for not doing them? Why are they not on your priority list?

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French blogger in the US writes on cultural differences, disabilities, religion, social media and politics.

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